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Reconstructing 1990-2000 & 2012

Trollhättans Konsthall, Paper Trails: Annika Kupiainen, Maria Bajt, Tove Kjellmark, Niklas Elmehed and Jenny Berntsson

Reconstructing 1990-2000 & 2012 is about my Trollhättan between the years 1990-2000. I have reconstructed, converted and withdrawn memories that are linked to the site. As an adult I re-create my notes from my teenage diaries. I became interested in the process, partly because I work, as part of my artistic practice, some with (artistic youth projects -tror into det funkar men vet inte något bra alternativ) and wanted to try to remember how it was being a teenager. I also wanted to return to the place, which I have not visited in a couple years, both mentally and physically. By using some of my own notes, skipped a process of doing workshops with teenagers. Instead I backed into my private diaries from the time when I was, myself a teenager. Reconstructing 1990-2000 & 2012 is about memory and memory policies.

Memory policy is a concept often linked to memory in relation to war and other events where you can talk about winners and losers. It is said, for instance, that history is written by the victors, but it can also be said that history is forgotten by the winners - those who can afford to forget. The losers, however are doomed not to be able to forget, they are the ones who have to try to understand what happened. I am interested in using the concept on a personal level. One could also see Reconstructing 1990-2000 & 2012 as meditation on forgetfulness.

In the process I became aware that the story I told about Trollhättan from the 90's was constructed and simplified. It was not the story that I encountered in my diaries. Instead there was a young woman who was more dependent on being part of a group and being part of the small context. The complexity lies in the contradiction of different perspectives.

In Reconstructing 1990-2000 & 2012, I worked with the artwork's ability to give an illusion of three-dimensionality. I have drawn the texts and quotes from the stories in order to create a new history with glitches.