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Förbindelemaskinen/Connection machine
Sandcity Round II
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Textile Architecture
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Back to the future II
Reconstructing 1990-2000 & 2012
Wind of change
Igloo Construction II
Igloo Construction I
Sandcity (R&D)


Wind of change

Cultural identity or group affiliation makes people want to participate in different contexts. Therefore, I met five groups of about five people who had a common social context to a conversation based on some initial questions. I wanted to, in an era where major political and social changes take place both locally and globally, explore how art can function as a social and political tool.

The questions served as a basis for an open discussion that began to focus on anything but art and culture, like, how the center of Handen should look and become functional? How do we want the school to work? How do we preserve and allow people to take part of our heritage? I recorded these conversations, which I then edited into a sound piece for the exhibition.

The exhibition also consisted of two sculptures in the form of oversized wind breaks built in jute. The sculptures were placed in the gallery, one unfolded and the other folded, with the folded for a very short time was placed at Poseidon's Square in the public sphere where the sculpture blew apart by the strong natural winds, just as a symbolic act of the political climate.