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Förbindelemaskinen/Connection machine
Sandcity Round II
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Textile Architecture
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Back to the future II
Reconstructing 1990-2000 & 2012
Wind of change
Igloo Construction II
Igloo Construction I
Sandcity (R&D)


MOVING MATTER and SIDE_SITE - a choreography and a sculpture.

The startingpoint originates from two individual questions belonging to our separate artistic practices. A collaboration were the result takes place as one singular form but which exists as two different conceptual works.

In SIDE_SITE Jenny Berntsson is working with the idea of large-scale sculpture. Berntsson treats the square as a construction segment, multiplied and forced into cultural or organically conditioned positions.
Berntsson is working with the concept of the monumental and how the monument creates collective memory (memory politics) but especially the topic of the monument as representation. She examines how the monument can be manifested in an ongoing process that moves into different directions, rather than as one single static form.

MOVING MATTER is Marie Fahlin´s investigation of the concept of choreography in its original sense, (movement writing), and how it can take spatial and material, rather than textual, form. MOVING MATTER is about the relationship between matter and motion and how they create each other. Why do I want to experience sculpture through movement? Why do I want choreography to be material? What is the interpretation of a choreography that takes place throughout the room rather than as signs on paper?

Taking part of MOVING MATTER means interpreting it while reading it. The reading is the movement. The visitor becomes the mover, the one that moves.